3.1 mln

This week i’m celebrating 3.1mln views on Flickr since 09/08/2015.

For a hobby photographer i think it’s a lot and i like to thank everybody who is following me on Flickr and Instagram. Makes me proud to see so many people are interested in my work!! Also thanks to the models of course !! Remarkable to see that, “newcomer” Melissa is already with three pictures in my toppers list 👍👍
What is your favorite portrait so far?? 2017-08-11a

Photoshoot with Anne (@annemuzzz)

A photoshoot with Anne a year ago.

First baby steps on wordpress, my first site. Here i will showcase my photography. You can find more / recent work on my instagram:  Would love to meet and follow  you there.

My first steps here HAVE to be with Anne. A friend who helped me a lot and still does.

Anne! by Ralph van Katwijk on

Still love this shoot with Anne! You can find and follow Anne on instagram too: @annemuzzz

Let your heart not be troubled by Ralph van Katwijk on

Really love Black and Whit portraits so you will find a lot of those in my portfolio.

ANNE by Ralph van Katwijk on

Anne in B/W jan. 2016 by Ralph van Katwijk on

Anne on a cold winter day (2)